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What story are you trying to tell through digital? The next steps to finding your narrative begins here. I’m here to offer assistance to your digital marketing needs. Below is a map out of how this works.

Step 1:

Free Consult. Let’s talk for a few minutes about what you need. I offer a variety of services that you can utilize. From social media marketing to having a better email strategy, I want to help you shine through any digital outlet. In order to know what you need, without any hassle, I have to hear from you. Let’s chat today!

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Step 2:

Purchase a plan. Now that we got the logistics out of the way, it’s time to start making change. Finding your narrative on these digital platforms takes time and I want to ensure you have the best plan that suites your needs.

Need one-on-one training? Need me to serve as primary owner of your social media? Need a just a few months of services? There’s a plan that will work for you. I offer plans starting as low as $50.

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Step 3:

Leave feedback. Transparency is important in this agreement. If you are not pleased with my services, speak up. Positive reinforcements are always welcomed as well. Feedback helps render any problems that may occur throughout a plan.

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Step 4:

Referral. In order to grow and provide stronger resources for brands, I could use your help in getting a referral. This step isn’t mandatory, but it is encouraged.