Social Media: When to Get Off of It

How much is too much social media? 

It’s the first thing you check when you wake up, the first thing you look at it when you’re commuting, or even the first thing you do when you need a distraction during work. Social media is a 24-7 habit that has become part of every day life. People of all ages have some sort of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever account.

Complete this quick survey and let me know of how much time you spend on social media.

Research shows that people in the US across all ages spend 42.1 minutes on Facebook. Millennials tend to spend the most time on this platform; an average of 52 minutes. Tumblr ranked the second highest social media platform of average most time spent across all ages. Are we spending too much time on it, or not enough.

I will be the first to admit that I spend close to 8 hours a day on social media. This is only because it’s my job and because I need to know what’s going on in the world. It’s my constant virtual newspaper. I do think I rely on it a little too much, however.

Social media is set up to where you’re always informed with every moment of your friends’ lives. Your friends’ lives become yours and that’s when a lightbulb should flash, letting you know that you need to get off of it. There should be times where you can be in the world; remove yourself from social media for a while. Don’t be the person who gets so anxious when you’re without your device or not glued to a computer screen. With constant contact with electronics, your life becomes “how do I pose this for my Instagram,” “Is this a good message to convey on Facebook,” “I need to vent, let me hop on Twitter.” Compulsive usage is never healthy for you. It’s time for a change.

If you find it hard to step away, here are a few tips on how to come back to earth:

Turn off your phone. I know this is asking much of you to do, but trust me when I say that it will help you learn to live without social media for a while. Have real-life conversations with friends. Make connections and be apart of the world. It’s also a little therapeutic to not always be on your phone, too.

Exercise. If you aren’t doing anything important, now is the time to get in shape. Go to the gym, take a stroll, jog, walk your pet. Just get outside and be active. Take a few minutes out your day to be in the real world.

Cook a nice meal – then share it on social media. Whip up a niece meal and save me a plate!:) When was the last time you prepped a good meal? If you do not know how to cook, now is the time to learn. If it comes out good, then you can post it on social media – bragging what a bang up job you did.

Go to the movies or out to eat. I like going to the movies with my friend because it completely takes me out my element and distracts me from the online world. For a few hours, my attention is on a large screen with high definition. I may be online before the movie starts, but when it’s playing, I’m not.

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