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Big Ten Network | July 2015

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Deontae Moore didn’t necessarily set out to become a leader and an example for others to follow. But that’s how it turned out for this Northwestern University graduate and native son of Chicago’s South Side.

It all started when Moore, who grew up in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, graduated from Urban Prep Academy, a network of three all-male charter high schools in the city. The ceremony was both a real and symbolic achievement for him: He was the first student of the inaugural class to walk across the stage and receive his diploma. That officially makes him the first graduate in the history of Urban Prep Academy [Read more…]

Chicago Tribune | Aug 2014

“Where are first graduates of Urban Prep?”

As a student in the first class of Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men, Tyler Beck found himself enveloped in a nurturing environment where teachers came in early and stayed late to help tutor struggling students. There, the boys formed a brotherhood and learned affirmations that kept them pumped up to achieve. [Read more…]

Chicago Tribune | Aug 2014

Deontae Moore, 2010 Urban Prep Grad who is finishing his degree at Northwestern University

Northwestern University Alumni Magazine | Spring 2012

“Overcoming the Odds: Aspiring journalist from the South Side settles into life at Northwestern”

Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, Deontae Moore earned a rep — for working hard and staying out of mischief. “Some people envied that I never got into any trouble,” said Moore, who lives in Chicago’s South Shore community. “I have an ambitious mind, so I didn’t really care what people were saying about me.” [Read more…]



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