Digital Marketing Campaign: Public Narrative’s Social Media Bootcamp Training

One of biggest task when I was at Public Narrative was getting enrollment in it’s courses. Public Narrative is a nonprofit organization that helps other nonprofits and journalist tell their stories better. They provide educational resources to help nonprofits and journalist be better storytellers, better communicators and have better conversations.

We were offering an intermediate class that would tackle all the social media platforms. I had about 2 months to get at least 20 registrations for the class (as most of their classes could only fit 20).

I start off with designing the marketing material: a clean, visually appealing flyer that would encourage individuals to want to learn more about this three-part workshop.

SMB 2016 Promo

The plan was to compose at least 4 emails that talked about the course, 18 collective post on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram). and 2 blog posts. The blog would help position Public Narrative as experts on the subject matter. With placement of the training registration link in the blog, I was allowing conversion to happen from the blog.

Email was our strongest channel for conversion. I wanted the emails to showcase that we were looking out for our target audience – taking this class will make you better off in the end. The theme of the campaign was mastering the platforms and setting the organization up for success.

Email-Sample Portfolio


Social Media Postings

I would offer interesting facts that would entice the audience to take action for learning more.Twitter received 10 post, Facebook received 5 post, Instagram received 1 and LinkedIn received 2. A total of 18 post went out for this campaign.

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