How to Milk Social Media for All Its Worth

\Here are a few secrets about how you can make money from social media.

E-Commerce is booming and you’re probably wondering how you can benefit from it. Social media has become a money making machine and almost all companies have caught on. Twitter allows companies to sponsor tweets, Facebook offers inexpensive rates to boos posts, influencing YouTubers can receive endorsements and are just a few ways. You can literally make money doing something you do everyday.

So let’s make money together with these 3 solutions for milking social media for all its worth:.

3. Positive Influence + Positive Product Placement =  Positive Bank Account

You got a lot of followers? Why not use it for your advantage. Brands are always seeking ways to promote their products or services amongst social influencers. Taking this approach makes their brands more personable and relatable. But it has to seem seamless and not obvious that they’re paying you to talk about their business. Vine is an example of how product placement can be pivotal in the revenue success of a company. By partnering with brands, you can (a) build a long-lasting relationship with that company and (b) add money in your pocket. If you have a popular blog, advertisers will more than gladly pay for some ad space on it. Being able to reach as many people as they possibly can is their goal. It’s all about being viral and knowing that your social media influence can share the messages of others.

2. You got to spend a little money to make money.

This saying most definitely applies for social media as well. It’s an investment you want to make sure turns out well, and reap the benefits from in the end. Not everyone has a strong following on social media networks and paying for sponsor ad space can ensure reaching beyond your own surface. It cost almost nothing to extend your reach on Facebook. If you have a fan page that you are using for your brand, consider promoting it. You can also boost a post as well. Do this for 6 months to see the kinds of results you’ll receive. It’s abut establishing your business and maintaining a strong social following. Instagram has also integrated a way for businesses to pay for sponsored ads. Again, it’s all about trusting what you’re selling and investing in it to bring financial success.

1. Engage with your core audience and make sure all parties are satisfied

It’s business, but it doesn’t always have to be about business. You want to engage with your core, target audience. Know what they want, how they want it and what it will take to instill there longevity. It takes a village, and you have to know who out there is isn’t in your brand. This is a key element to how you can really make money on social media. Yes, it is nice to have a strong social following, but it doesn’t mean anything if all you’re doing is selling something. The everyday user isn’t interest in being bombarded with ads and promotional messages on their timeless. You can’t force the customer to buy, as this will turn them off. With that being said, change your approach and have a conversation with them. They’re follow you once they realized you’re worth their attention.

Follow Social Media University on Facebook. Deontae Moore is a Digital Director at The Office of the City Clerk, follow him on Twitter @deontaemoore.

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