Social Media Resolutions for 2015

We’re approaching a new year and you’ve probably listed a few things you’ll be changing about yourself. If you’re not gunning to lose a few pounds, become a better saver, or have a better attitude, you have the option of doing some social media clean up.

We’ve made some mistakes with social media this year that we just can’t take going in to 2015. Business who rely on social media for consumer interaction have yet to understand why certain things just won’t work, if not done correctly. Social media is not rocket science but it is, if you catch my drift. Even if you’re not a business trying to understand how you can reach customers digitally, there are still ways in which you can restructure your social media approach.

There’s no denying that almost everyone is using social media on a daily basis. If you’re like me, it’s become a routine to check my notifications in the morning before I brush my teeth. According to Pew Interest research, about 835 million our of 1.4 billion users are on Facebook daily, 284 million people are active users on Twitter, and mobile social media is on a steady rise as we embark into 2015. Nonetheless, we have some new goals to reach heading into the new year.

4. Social Media Check-Up: You want to make sure you’re in good shape and know everything about your social media accounts. Every three or six months, check your growth in followers, the amount of times you post, and pay attention to analytics. Keep your profile up-to-date as possible. You don’t want to have an outdated bio. Take the time to also unfollow people who are not active or never interact with you. Established an algorithm for your social media use. In 2015 you could either do more and do less of social media. If you feel you post too much, it can go one or two ways – more followers or a decrease in followers. If you don’t post regularly, you will never see growth or a decrease in followers. A clean and organized account carries many benefits such as better engagement among other users.

3. Don’t Follow Everyone Who Follows You: You’re getting followers, great. However, not everyone who follows you needs to be followed back. You have to watch out for fake profiles. Instagram’s latest update to its mobile app has gotten rid of any fake profiles – thus many people saw a major decrease in their followers. Keep this idea in mind when you’re getting followed. Be mindful of the people you follow back. Ask yourself, what contributions do they provide to my timeline or newsfeed?

2. Use A New Network: While you shouldn’t abandon your core social media networks, try devoting your time into a new social media network. Give it three months and then decide whether you enjoy the network or not. I created a Snapchat account a while back and at the time didn’t like it. However, I wanted to explore other social networking sites aside from my usual ones, and gave Snapchat another chance. I’m now hooked and use it almost everyday. Trying a new site for a while can be an exciting experience.

1. Watch What You Post: Having your own voice is one of the key components of social media usage. You have the platforms available to let you say almost anything, or post anything you please. However, this can have negative affects as well. If you’re not social media conscious, you can post content that can haunt your image for years to come. Don’t be so quick to share or post anything. While no one is perfect, there should be some effort to make sure what your posts are not completely offending your image or others. Fact check your content before hitting done. You don’t want to come across as someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Keep your voice and don’t allow others’ opinions to matter. Political statements on social media can stir some controversy and you should listen to what they have to say. A mindful and considerate account can make a difference.

These are just a few practical ways in which anyone can take adjusting their use of social media in the new year! These are also tangible resolutions that you can promise to keep – as giving up bad food isn’t always that easy.

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