Gain Social Media Success This Way

The 5 Ps to your social media success…

Have you heard of the 5 Ps in social media: Plan, Patience, Persistence, Pay and Prioritize? If not, then you must. These are the main elements to achieving, if not the best chance, success on social media. Having brand recognition always helps with social media success, but if you’re starting from the jump, it helps to follow the 5P model.

Plan: Social media has become an inevitable tool companies are utilizing to interact with their core audience. Once you create your account(s), consider logical goals you hope to achieve. Just having a few goals in mind could help set the foundation you desire with using social media. Strategize accordingly. This is your cause of action for all the goals you list.

Patience: I’m mentioned this a few times in the past, but it’s critical to know that social media success takes time. A campaign will not just kick off because you think it will. You have to establish the right amount of credibility first. Instead of looking towards the end goal, make week-to-week goals. This aligns with the prioritize theme, as you’ll see in a minute. Ask yourself: What do you hope to accomplish each with social media? Always remember, Don’t rush anything!

Persistence: You want to be sort of “hard headed,” stubborn with your plans. Believe in what you’re trying to accomplish. You won’t know if a strategy just does not work if you haven’t given it the proper amount of time to plummet. Social media is unpredictable. Observe analytics every day and see what works and what doesn’t work. Before you completely throw in the towel, look at all your options; find that loophole.

Pay: Ecommerce is gaining popularity on networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s cost-effective and it can helps boost your reach on those networks. It never hurts to come out of pocket if you truly believe in a strategy. You want to increase your chances of visibility. However, do not rely heavily on paying. Consider it as your “lifeline option” if your social media strategies are leveling off of success.

Prioritize: Going back to that notion of week-to-week goals, make an effort to stay on top of your social media strategies. Record whether or not a goal was reached or still needs some improvements. Create a report of your social media performance monthly, quarterly, or yearly (if you’re that lucky). This would help you identify your best moments and/or mistakes in social media marketing.

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