What’s All the Hype with Periscope?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the next big thing to hit the social media market: Periscope.

10 Million! That’s the number of active Periscope accounts since it launched 5 months ago. 2 million people are daily users on the app, and it has accumulated more than 40 years of videos watched per day. Crazy to think it’s still a newbie, right?

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What is Periscope?

Periscope is an interesting live-streaming social media service that you should get into. It could be a game changer for many industries: entertainment, news, politics, health & fitness, technology, sports and the list goes on. For example, some are suggesting that this could change the dynamic of breaking news as reporters can now instantly share what’s going on with this app. I could see it serving as a great tool when participating in a protest. Imagine also using this app during sporting events – press conferences in particular. Since it’s still vacation season, you can share with friends some exciting things you are doing during down time. Whether personal or professional, I think Periscope may be on to something.

Why should I care?

I know what you’re thinking: “Another goddamn social media app I have to download to stay fresh in my brand.” Well…lets look at it this way: What makes this social media app unique is that is offers a heart count for the streams, individuals can comment and chat during the stream, it lets your Twitter followers (and the people who follow you on the app) know at an instant when you’re streaming, and it offers useful analytics that allows you to know who watched the stream and liked it. One more thing, it has a global map of other streams happening around you or afar – cool, right?

Here are just a few reasons why I think you should hop on the Periscope bandwagon

Its Interactive Nature:

Like any streaming service, you want to get those watching to participate. On Periscope, you can heart the actual stream and also say something – offering comments or questions during the broadcast. Who doesn’t like instant feedback? People like to feel apart of something and this app offers that capability. If you turned on your notifications for the app, you can an instant blurb on when someone is going live. So you can never miss a beat – unless you are not by your phone or turned it off.

Behind the Scenes Function:

Periscope is a mixture of both Google Hangout + Snapchat, however you can only use the streaming service on a mobile device. The streams last for 24 hours and then disappears afterwords. Like Snapchat, there is some inclusivity that allows the people who follow you to go behind the scenes with you. Additionally, you can select certain groups of people to watch the stream.

Test the Waters and Try It Out:

With any new, promising social media app, you want to try it for yourself to see if it works for you. Many won’t see the value of having a Periscope and that’s fine. If you’re a very social person, this could be a great app for you as you’re broadcasting amongst people who are already interested in what you’re doing. Conduct Q&As with your followers, broadcast music listening sessions, take your followers behind of the scenes of an upcoming event, showcase an interesting workout session you’re having. Whatever suits your personality and brand – Periscope can capture it.

Bonus: Check out this tutorial on using Periscope

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