Messages You Should Be Sending On Each Platform

What you put on Twitter may not correlate with Facebook and vice versa.

If you’re trying to use social media as a communication tool to reach customers or establish an audience base, you have to keep that in mind. Each platform has its own language and by now you should already know this.

Say you have a blog and you are broadcasting the link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever else you use…you can’t just make one status and post it on each platform. Social media just does not work that way. Each platform has its own algorithm, and if you want your post to do well on each platform – you must familiarize yourself with the algorithms.

“Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus—they’re like having different children,” says Patricia Rossi, host of NBC Daytime’s weekly “Manners Minute.”

She’s right. Although I don’t have kids, I get the analogy – you want to share equal amount of love to all your social media networks, but they all can’t be raised in the same function. Each social media network (like siblings) have many special talents that make them stand out and unique. Overall, they still belong to one big happy family.

Here’s the kinds of messages you should be sending on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ve only done the common networks used, but if you want to chime in, I would love to see your thoughts.


This platform is discussion-oriented. It’s there to share news, ask questions, stay updated with friends from afar and interact. It’s also a professional network. You join groups of other influencers or professionals and find groups with people who share similar interest as you.


LinkedIn is all about professional networking and development. Oppose to Facebook, you aren’t likely to see individuals chatting about the latest in pop culture – you see them sharing industry related information. It’s a resource to find jobs, meet employers, connect with influencers in your field, and also build on your professional network.


Twitter is always fast paced and informative. It’s also a space where you can be a little more personable. Generally, people are sharing their day to day activities on this network. Although you can do this on Facebook, it’s much more frequent on Twitter. It’s a dairy in a sense. However the tone of Twitter is much more informative than that of Facebook. It’s news-oriented, a platform where most social users get their news first


It’s the Facebook’s for photos and videos. People share news, daily activities, personal interests and products they enjoy.

Google Plus

A forgotten but useful network. The tone of Google Plus is a mixture of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It’s informative, it’s creative and it’s a network to share content amongst individuals who you may or may not know.

Networks that you can link together:

  • It’s okay to merge your Instagram with Twitter and Facebook – more so Facebook. But when you share them, be mindful of the character count and tone.
  • If you have a Tumblr, link it to you Instagram and Twitter. Tumblr is pretty much a blog social network. Both Twitter and Instagram cater to that style.
  • Vine and Twitter are an acceptable match – also added is Periscope.
  • Pinterest and Facebook are a good match as well.
  • Google+ can be linked to Twitter and Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Messages You Should Be Sending On Each Platform

  1. Reblogged this on debbiediscovers and commented:
    Twitter is strictly work for me. Facebook I seldom post any social media / marketing posts, but I will post productivity, life, inspirational on both. Tumblr is so easy to set up I have multiple Tumblr accounts . One is just a collection of my tweets set via an IFTTT formula so I have them in a nice place. One is to save my fave’d tweets. One is to reblog visual items. One is to post my own visual content creation which I may post on Instagram but usually only if it’s a photograph already (e.g. with words added).


    1. Thanks for reblogging my post. I like your way of thinking for posting. Some people tend to use their social media platforms for the same thing and it helps to know what you’re going to use them for and why.

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